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Why Choose The Fertility Center Tijuana Mexico?

High Success Rates

We maintain a high success rate due to our advanced techniques.

International Support

We have a scientific council of experts, pioneers in IVF techniques.


We work with specialized medical technology to perform every treatment.

Medical Council

Dr. Alberto Félix

Gynecology, Obstetrics & Human Reproductive Biology.

Dr. Luis Ruvalcaba

Fertility specialist, Pioneer in Ovarian Transplantation in Latin America.

Dr. Masashigue Kuwayama

Embryologist and Expert in Cryobiology. Recognized as the "Father of Vitrification".

Eng. Melanie Antonsen

Embryologist, Biotechnology Engineer

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Our goal is to provide high-quality care that results in a healthy pregnancy for our patients, through personalized and comprehensive treatments.



To become leaders in fertility and assisted reproduction services in Northwest Mexico and Southern California (United States), maintaining the highest level of excellence to help our patients fulfill their dream of starting a family.


A Family For All


At The Fertility Center Mexico we are committed to doing our best to make motherhood and fatherhood possible for our patients. Whether it is a couple suffering from infertility or members of the LGBT+ community who need donors to conceive, each situation is unique and deserves its own follow-up given by a qualified specialist who can help you grow your family.


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